As Seen On TV

BABY DADDY (S5 E507 on March 16, 2016)
VitrineDesigns 14K goldfilled Labradorite Studs

BLOODLINE (S3, Episodes 6 & 7, Airdate May 2017)
VitrineDesigns Rosegold Trillion Druzy Necklace

CEDAR COVE (S3, E301, Airdate 23 July 2015)
VitrineDesigns Pearl Brushed Gold drops

LAW & ORDER SVU (S16 E18, Airdate April 1, 2015)
VitrineDesigns Pyrite Coin Necklace

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (S7, E714, Airdate June 9, 2017)
VitrineDesigns Rosegold Triangle Druzy Necklace

STITCHERS (S3 E303 Ivy Brown (actress Sarah Davenport) airdate June 19,2017.
Stitchers Labradorite Studs 14K goldfilled

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (S5 E 516 Airdate March 20, 2014)
VitrineDesigns Bite of the Vampire Necklace

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (S6 E 604, E611, E613, E614, E615, E616, E617 Airdate October 23, 2014)
VitrineDesigns Garnet Gold Drop Necklace

 THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (S7 E701, Airdate Oct 8, 2015, Sarah Salvatore)
VitrineDesigns Spinel Necklace

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (S8 E804 Airdate Nov 11, 2016 Seline)
VitrineDesigns Rockpool Necklace

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS (Airdate Oct 10, 2014 Avery)
VitrineDesigns Rough Blue Diamond Necklace Gold Drop


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