Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolution- Part 1 - Eating healthy

As with every new year that rolls by, my resolution is to eat healthy and get fit, and by Jove! I mean to do it this year, and stick to it till day 365!
As a diabetic (Type 2) it is even more necessary for me to control my blood sugar and keep it stable. So I came up with this tuna salad that is full of nothing but good things for lowering and stabilising sugar levels and lowering cholesterol. Doesn't it look good too?

This is the list of ingredients:
1 tin Tuna (in water, throw out the water)
1 handful mixed beans (protein that stabilises blood sugar). I used a mix of white beans, kidney red beans and chickpeas
handful rucola/arugula/rocket leaves
handful cherry tomatoes
2 walnuts- handcrush them into bits
juice of fresh lemon- as much as you can handle!
1/2 purple onion
dash of herbs (coriander, oregano, thyme, mint)

Do you have a favorite salad that you'd like to share? Happy New Year and good luck with your resolution(s)!


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