Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013

I am so excited that New York Fashion Week is almost here! My Gemstone Cocktail Rings will be included in all of the Swag Bags gifted to the celebrities attending GBK Luxury Gift Lounge at New York Fashion Week (Sept 6-7, 2013) as part of The Artisan Group.
For this event, I wanted to create something that was bold and unusual. I mean, that's what New York and NYFW is all about! So I set each Jasper Gemstone nugget in a gold setting. These gemstones range from vibrant fuchsia, violet and hot pinks to more muted taupe and royal purple tones. They are visually stunning!
Just some of the Gemstone Cocktail rings being gifted!

I love creating a gifting 'experience' for anyone that received my handmade jewelry. So I completely personalized it with a handwritten note, tied to each ring and completed the box with ribbon, my business card and included it in my signature color gift bag!

Each ring had a handwritten note tied with ribbon and included in its box with my card.
If you'd like to have your own cocktail ring by Vitrine, you can purchase it here!

Vitrine's jewelry will be included with other talented artisans from The Artisan Group.

Each celebrity will receive all these gifts in their Swag Bag. Mine's the pink!

You can see them all in this digital version of the booklet that will be in each Swag Bag too!


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