Monday, April 28, 2014

These rings were made for talking...

I'm often asked "What do you do?" and when I say I design jewelry and some of it has been seen on celebrities, it's a great conversation starter! People are enamored by celebrities, what they do, what they wear... It's kind of like an obsession now! Which is great for my line of work then! One of my pieces that people have commented and coveted is this cocktail gemstone ring that was gifted to celebrities at New York Fashion Week 2013. Not only did actors, media personalities and fashion designers receive this ring, but it also was worn by Aishwarya Ajit on Christmas Eve on Studio One Live (airs weekdays, Sunday-Thursday 7pm UAE time).
Watch the video here! ( Best shot is at 7:20 and 14:15 onwards)
It was also worn by Simone Heng, co-host of Digital Fashion Week in Singapore November 2013. Managed to get a screencap :)

And last (but not least) it's worn here by Australian Fashion Blogger Lauren at

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