Friday, March 30, 2012

Taking eye catching pictures

Lately I've had a lot of questions asking me how I get my photos in my Etsy shop to be so good. Well, thanks for the compliments! Believe me, it's taken me three years to figure things out, and get to this point. Today's Etsy Success Symposium gave me the impetus to make changes in my own shop. Using my own items I'll share with you my before and after shots and what I think makes each item stand out more now.

1. Create more depth and interest

BEFORE (left)
While pretty, the druzy necklace is flat and might not be interesting enough to capture someone's interest enough to make them click on the picture.
AFTER (right) Using the Macro feature on my camera, I found an angle that draws the eye to the texture of the stone while keeping the chain as a 'minor' detail in the background.

2. Make sure you have enough natural light. If you don't  have enough light, your picture will end up looking dark and frankly, get ignored. Believe me when I say how exciting it is to create an item and you can't wait to take out pics and list it already! In the long run though, be patient. First impressions count, and if your pics aren't great you'll lose out on those initial clicks and hearts.

BEFORE (left) Dark and over exposed. Making it brighter using a photoediting tool only made the silver shinier and did nothing for the amethyst gemstones.

AFTER (right) Taken in natural light. The amethyst earrings now have sparkle! Go as close as you can to a window. Experiment with different times during the day. Seasons make a difference too! If you are north facing or have a lot of trees in your yard that obstruct light coming in through your window, create a lightbox. You will find lots of help creating on on etsy forums.

3. Play with different props. I've used my work table (laminate surface) that results in very boring pictures! So I try to use textured backgrounds. Find paper, wood, stone, tile, concrete, fabric... the options are endless.

4. And lastly, get to know your camera. Play with the macro Button (it looks like a flower) on your camera. Play with the light adjustments and ISO settings, auto vx manual. And read the manual :)

Feel free to ask any questions, and to share any tips that you may have when taking your pics!

All pictures Copyright @Vitrine (2008-2012)


  1. Great pointers and fabulous photos!

  2. Great post! Thank you, Vitrine!

  3. Fantastic tips, and great pics. Also love the way natural light, and props inspired by nature, are used. Kudos Vitrine


  4. Good pictures, thanks for the ideas.