Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Friday - Racy Lacy Finds

Lace is one of Spring 2012's trends. I must be truthful: I've never liked wearing lace all that much. And I'm too afraid of looking like Grandma's doilies! But I'm warming to the trend... I love the lace cutout look on some of the dresses this season, like the Anthropologie top below:

But if you're still unsure about wearing lace, I've found a few lace-inspired items on Etsy that are absolutely gorgeous!

Leather iPhone cover by

Ceramic Lace Bowl by

Paper Lace Cards by

Lace parasol by

Doily clock by

So what do you think of these lacy finds? Which is your favorite? I'd love to hear what you think and if you have a fave lace find, post the link here!


  1. When I was a little girl my grandma used to have hundreds of handmade doilies lying over every armchair in every room in the house. They gave me the shivers, they were so ugly... Now I browse brocantes and have, I won't say a passion, but I look at them differently. Thank you Granny :)

    And thank you for featuring my clock on your blog!! Have a lovely Easter weekend,
    Merci beaucoup.

  2. I'll admit, the lace trend makes me think of my coming-of-age years in the 80's...and I've no desire to repeat those fashion choices! But you've chosen some gorgeous ways to participate in the current lace rage that are both fresh and modern :)

  3. oooh so pretty! and I love that top.